Kyle Park – Cone Engineering Contractors

“Excellent audience involvement. Everybody was able to contribute to the seminar with personal experiences with scheduling, claims, etc.”

Randy Powell – Barham, Inc.

“Great info! This will provide us with templates and vital information we otherwise would have never known about or pursued…will save us thousands of dollars! Thank you.”

Channing Licon – C.W. Driver

Speaker is very knowledgeable of the subject matter and includes real life examples. Very well prepared.”

Chris Overstreet, Lowder Construction Company

“I have been a project manager with a top 200 G.C. for the last 6 years. The course was a very good refresher. It was a way of confirming what our company is doing correctly and what areas need improvements. Great job!”

Steve Parks – Bergelectric

“The structure of the presentation was very good. The topic flowed very smoothly and was very well organized and it was nice to have the slides in a book to follow along with and to take notes. “

Wade Scott – Tri Star Mechanical, Inc.

“Instructor’s knowledge of the subject and familiar with problems we face in the construction industry.”

Cara Matthews – Berschaner Phiilps Construction Co.

“I’m a Political Science Graduate; this and tomorrow’s class will provide me with more information than I have learned working in the construction industry for the last 15 years.”

John A. Cissell – Turner Construction

“Good pace, excellent layout of materials with good use of interactive ‘war stories’ which brought out the relevant points of the seminar.”

Arditi Richey – Coast Community College District

“As an owner, it gives a clear view of the whole picture. What I’ve learned will certainly help with future projects.”

Paul Whitehead – Roy E. Whitehead, Inc.

“This is our second SDC seminar. After the first one, two years ago we implemented your techniques and it has made us hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits. We’re back for more.”


Donna Brady - ``The best seminar I ever attended on claims and getting compensated. Better than a lawyer if you ask me.``