Mission Statement: 

To provide the finest, top quality education to construction industry professionals in the United States that improves performance through better Project Management, CPM Scheduling, Cost Management and Change Order Management.


To increase the profitability for construction professionals within the industry and raise the profitability of construction companies by educating construction professionals on Project Management, CPM Scheduling and Change Orders and Claims that benefit them by hundreds of thousands of dollars and at the same time teach methodology to minimize Change Orders and Claims. Both Contractors and Owners benefit from this high quality education through On-Line Webinars, Live Seminars and Course books.

SDC Institute presents the best in construction seminars in the U.S. WHY?

  • Seminars are taught by University-Quality Instructors
  • Seminars are Fast Paced, Power Point Presentations and Hands-On Exercises
  • 99% of the Questions Asked in Seminars have Already Been Encountered by SDC & Associates, Inc.
  • SDC & Associates, Inc. works with General Contractors, Subcontractors and Owners on a Daily Basis

SDC Institute Offers: