SDC & Associates, Inc. provides full in-courtroom services for legal proceedings, assists in technical matters, and document control. Additionally, in cases which may hinge on the expert testimony of adverse witnesses, we assist in real-time, on-the-spot debunking and evaluation of adverse testimony with obvious benefits to cross-examination strategy.

Advantage: Insider knowledge for owners

We have extensive working knowledge in the world of General Contractors: we know their costing methods and their methods of cost coding using as-bid budgets. We know how they make adjustments to cost code accounts and how these cost codes are updated, monitored and manipulated. We know how change orders and claims truly affect costs and original bid prices.

We can find hidden costs, duplicated costs and false cost entries in the contractor’s cost records. We are able to detect artificially inflated costs and measure them against what the true costs should be. We know how to assert and refute the merit of a contractor’s submitted claim costs. And we can prepare documents to reinforce your client’s position by providing an independent comparative C.P.M. schedule and cost analysis.

Forensics directories are filled with capable, qualified expert witnesses, and SDC & Associates, Inc. experts are among the finest. But including us in the broader case development can yield these special benefits for clients:            

  • Recognized Experts Whose Prior Construction Experience Includes Famous Landmark Projects.
  • Uniform, Accepted Pricing of Claim Costs are Assured
    • FULL Claims and Damages Amounts can be Calculated to Include:
    • Delay
    • Out-of-sequence Work
    • Constructive Acceleration
    • Defective Plans and Specifications
    • Extended Overhead (Field)
    • Extended Overhead (Home Office)
    • Differing Site Conditions
    • Lost Efficiency
    • Labor and Material Escalation
    • Lost Profits and Investment Capital
    • Liquidated Damages
    • Termination
    • Abandonment
    • Breach of Contract
    • Suspension of Work
    • Stop order of Work
    • Cardinal Changes