Sometimes reasonable people disagree. However, enlightened owners and contractors have learned that even if mediation does not succeed in resolving all of their disagreements, disputes can be contained and resolved through other ADR options such as arbitration. Arbitration is a way of securing a fair and final dispute resolution.

The key in arbitration is to turn the conflict into a winning result through efficient documentation and clear, effective presentation. SDC & Associates, Inc. can show you specific and proven strategies, how-to techniques, and checklists for case preparation.

  • Choosing the Tribunal – Don’t Just Accept Brand A or Brand J
  • Evaluating and Selecting the Arbitrator
  • Deciding If You Need an Attorney Present (Depending On the Venue, Often Not)
  • Reviewing Rules and Procedures to be Followed
  • Clarifying and Evaluating the Issues
  • Collecting and Organizing Relevant Documentation Into Effective Evidence
  • Choosing Witnesses With Direct Knowledge or Expert Opinions
  • Preparing Witnesses for Concise, On-Point Corroborative Testimony
  • Offering Tips On Effective Arbitration Demeanor and Body Language
  • Crafting Your Opening Statement
  • Creating a Written Strategy
  • Developing Penetrating Cross-Examination Questions
  • Crafting Your Closing Statement