Mediation is a facilitated negotiation. A third party intervenes in a dispute, working with the parties to help negotiate a resolution acceptable to all. Because the key is “self-determination,” private mediation succeeds in resolving disputes 85% to 90% of the time! In many cases the business relationships are preserved, even strengthened.

SDC & Associates, Inc. can help you speed the mediation process through thoughtful preparation that will maximize effectiveness of mediation. Learn how to maximize the benefits of this invaluable process through the use of simple guidelines and techniques. We’ll help you prepare by:

  • Evaluating and Selecting the Mediator
  • Identifying, Clarifying and Prioritizing Your Issues
  • Collecting and Presenting Relevant Information and Documentation
  • Preparing Participants for the Caucus and Negotiations
  • Crafting Your Opening Demands and Your Fall-Back Positions
  • Framing potential solutions
  • Creating a Written Strategy
  • Evaluating the Probable Durability of a Potential Settlement