Throughout the last quarter-century, SDC & Associates, Inc. consultants have managed major construction projects coast-to-coast. Our experience in government, commercial, and residential construction makes us eminently qualified for a broad range of high-profile projects.

Contractor selection is a crucial decision; SDC & Associates, Inc. can assist you in replacing a general contractor or any or all subcontractors on a project. Because we have worked for some of the best and dealt extensively with the rest, we know how to evaluate qualifications, references and bids in ways that will protect your interests and assure timely, cost-controlled project completion.

SDC & Associates, Inc. will manage your project from beginning to end; the following are completed during the pre-construction phase:

Pre-Bid Design Work

  • Determine your requirement for design criteria for your new facility
  • Determine your requirements for design criteria for renovation of the existing building if applicable
  • Visit the site
  • Review plans for the existing building
  • Prepare budget for design and construction
  • Prepare a schedule for design and construction time, for your concurrence
  • Prepare bid packages for design
  • Evaluate and recommend a design firm, after receiving proposals, presentation and their fees
  • Select architect with you concurrence

Pre-bid Construction Work

  • Review General and Special Conditions of the specifications to recommend modifications prior to bid
  • Put daily incentive provisions in the contract to make it lucrative for the contractor to finish the project early, with your approval
  • Make method of payment contingent on performance of specific milestone dates
  • Put provisions in the contract about the general contractor having to anticipate normal inclement weather delays as part of the bid
  • Put provisions in the contract about moving from the present to the new location, if applicable
  • Eliminate shop drawing and sample approvals
  • Delete the need for the designer to be on a retainer basis during the construction phase. This should save you a lot of money. The designer should be retained on an hourly basis with the strict provisions in that contract agreement that they must answer all questions within 24 hours

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