Whether we are involved in the project from the beginning or only part of it, SDC & Associates, Inc. will provide you with complete construction management services.

Field Construction Management

  • Review and approve the project schedule, identifying critical paths and milestones and monitor them weekly
  • Evaluate and negotiate the Payment Requisitions (so that neither the contractor nor subcontractors are overpaid at any stage in the project)
  • Continually assure that the general contractor is complying with all the provisions of the contract and assure that the bonding company is protected from further liability or exposure
  • Handle all correspondence from and with the general contractor, on your behalf
  • Handle all correspondence from and with the city, county, fire department and any other governmental agencies, on your behalf
  • Take weekly progress photographs
  • Conduct weekly meetings with the general contractor to review construction progress and solve problems impeding progress
  • Be on-site full time or part time, as required by you
  • Answer all construction related requests for information (R.F.I.) for the general contractor and assure all design related questions are answered by designers quickly
  • Help coordinate inspections
  • Assure that as-built drawings are being kept on a timely basis
  • Assure the timely testing of the life-safety system between the general contractor and the fire department and city or county (absolutely critical for building occupancy)
  • Make sure that the final punch list is prepared by the inspectors and is completed by the general contractor on a timely basis
  • Assure all warranties and guarantees are properly received
  • Provide written monthly management reports showing monetary and work progress status on the project and maintain telephone contact with you at least weekly
  • Provide inspections and/or quality control services, as required by you

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