Completing the Construction Management services SDC & Associates Inc. provides we will ensure that every component of the project is finished and meets established expectations. We will make sure that the steps taken during pre-construction and construction will end with a smooth transition to project close-out.

  • Verify Substantial Completion (A.I.A. Form G704)
  • Oversee all final inspections
  • Maintain and manage punch list completion
  • Review and document all warranties
  • Assist with the assembly of all operations and maintenance manuals
  • Schedule and coordinate procurement, delivery, and installation of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Schedule and coordinate all move in activity

SDC & Associates Inc. will provide an experienced manager for your project and will provide the following:

  • Reduced bonding company office overhead
  • Smooth transition to the “take over” team
  • Oversight of daily contractor operations
  • Review and report technical issues
  • Review of payment requisitions (and inspect where required)
  • Assure quality
  • Assure pricing uniformity throughout the project on change orders
  • Substantially control costs
  • Mitigate cost and time extension through innovative solutions to problems
  • Make all the design team tow the line during design and construction to be cost effective and time sensitive
  • Free up other personnel to perform the principal work of the project
  • Assure better project documentation (the consultant requires full and proper documentation up front from field personnel and knows from experience which documents to require and how to respond to them)
  • Assure consistency and professionalism because the consultant is not emotionally involved in the project
  • Put a knowledgeable industry insider on your team assuring a top quality construction product on-time and on-budget

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