SDC & Associates, Inc. can provide the support necessary to evaluate, price, and negotiate a claim, whether you are an owner, project manager, contractor or subcontractor we can deliver a solution for your project.

Change orders can arise from:

  • Poorly defined scope of work
  • Time and material changes
  • Owner-directed acceleration
  • Extended overhead (home office and direct field)

Our services help you to:

  • Assure pricing uniformity throughout
  • Substantially impact profits on change orders
  • Free up construction managers, project managers, and superintendents to perform the principal work of the project by not having to price or negotiate change orders
  • Assure better documentation for change orders and claims because the consultant requires full and proper documentation up front from field personnel and knows from experience which documents are required
  • Assure consistency and professionalism the consultant is not emotionally involved in the project and these emotions are not carried over into the pricing and the negotiations
  • Achieve a higher “win-win” percentage; the experienced consultant is not “fooled” during negotiations.

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