SDC & Associates, Inc. knows that all projects are different and many encounter problems but many of these problems can be avoided with proper claim management training. Claim management should start at the beginning of a project and continue through the entire project. Our job is to assist you with claim management by implementing proactive solutions in case a claim should arise. Our consultants are experienced in the construction industry to provide proven techniques by documenting changes which will discourage disputes.

Specifically, SDC & Associates, Inc. can:

  • Prepare and price your contractor change orders
  • Review and advise owners on submitted change orders
  • Negotiate change orders for either party
  • Train your staff in preventing change orders where possible
  • Train your staff in documenting and pricing change orders when they are necessary
  • Perform all of these services on an hourly, lump sum, partial contingency or monthly retainer basis

Claim prevention

  • Proper daily documentation
  • Monitoring of daily documentation
  • Active role during construction
  • Cost coding and cost controls
  • Computerized documentation
  • Schedule monitoring
  • Contract terms review
  • Targeted training
  • Seminars

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