SDC & Associates, Inc.’s construction consultants have over 45 years experience negotiating over $350,000,000 in change orders and/or claims and successfully settled 99.999% of the change order and/or claims that we have prepared for clients.

As certain as there are death and taxes, in every construction project there will be claims. SDC & Associates offers the following specific consulting activities and outputs in the areas of Change Orders and Claims:

Claim Prevention
Proper daily documentation

Monitoring of daily documentation

Active role during construction

Cost coding and cost controls

Computerized documentation

Schedule monitoring

Contract terms review

Targeted training

Constructive acceleration

Out-of-sequence work

Defective plans and specifications

Differing site conditions

Lost efficiency

Labor and material escalation

Lost profits and investment capital

Change Orders
Extended Overhead
Defined scope of work

Owner-directed acceleration

Time and material changes

Value engineering

Home office

Field office

Time Extension Analysis
C.P.M./ bar charts

Initial development

Monthly updates

On site input

Equipment delivery expedition

Owner evaluation of C.P.M.

Schedule recovery help

Cost loading

Manpower loading

Resource loading

Shop drawing log

As-built versus as-planned

Individual change orders/claims

Change in sequence

Inclement weather

Excusable delays

Non-excusable delays




Other Types of Claims
Liquidated damages



Breach of contract

Cardinal changes

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