SDC & Associates, Inc. is a leading nationwide provider of construction consulting services. Since 1994, we have successfully helped our clients increase their profits and protect their bottom line through claims preparation, education, CPM scheduling, litigation support, and much more.

Our experts have experience in government, commercial, and residential construction, and have handled over $350 million in change orders and claims on $1.4 billion in projects. This experience makes us eminently qualified to help contractors and public agencies with almost any problem.

Our Founder and President, Anwar Hafeez, has over 45 years of experience in the construction industry, and has built landmark projects such as the San Diego Convention Center, LA Central Library and the Los Angeles International Airport expansion.

With our extraordinary expertise, SDC & Associates, Inc. has seen it all and done it all. We know opponents’ tricks and games and how to counter them effectively. We know where hidden dollars are in every change order and claim. We know what works, and how to help you increase your profits and protect your bottom line!

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